Group of girls that aren't nymphos. You gotta take the taking bases approach with them....
Screw that man you don't wanna talk to that baseheads! Go talk to that drunk girl.. She'll put out !
#conservative #celibate #shy girl #virgin #tease #dick tease
by CrazyDaveinAR August 08, 2007
drug addict
That bitch is a basehead
by Sgt. Fury June 11, 2003
someone who uses coke and speed
Aaron used to be such a skinny basehead.
by Tweeker July 17, 2003
A person who has an amplified or boosted bass speaker box connected to his sound system in his trunk or backseat. A music aficionado in general, especially of rap and motown music; used among urban blacks as a pun or double entendre with the more accepted definition of crack addict, whether intentionally or because of spelling confusion (with basshead) is unknown.
"Shit, I been a basehead since I got my first subwoofers in eighty five"
#basshead #bass roller #baseroller #bass-head #boom car
by bongohercules June 20, 2007
An unambitious, lazy slacker whom lacks organization and direction in his or her life
That kid is a base (basehead), he'll probably end trying to sell me magazine subscriptions
#nerd #lazy #unambitious #slow #unoraganized #unmotivated
by Roger Taylor October 12, 2005
someone who yells out of car windows, attempting to educate the simple minded masses with a "basecall". both the uneducated masses AND the basecallers are considered baseheads...a true paradox
lean out car window hey basehead, you are a basehead...fuck i am!
by Basemaster General October 17, 2003
Cocaine addict.
You guys want some cheeseburgers? I got it from that basehead.
by nokianinja October 07, 2002
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