a recreational abuser of base, not crack or cocaine.
recreational abusers of crack and cocaine are labelled as crackheads and cokeheads respectively.
base is a purer form of speed; typically at least 65% amphetamine (in contrast to speed being around 5% purity).
base isn't crack; it's a purer form of speed. therefore a basehead is one who abuses base.
by abbas224 June 13, 2007
Top Definition
Someone who is addicted to or uses cocaine that is in a smokeable form (Free-base). Free-base cocaine is much like crack in that they are both fat soluable and can both be smoked.
Whitney Houston is a Basehead.
by Richard Stonewall February 21, 2006
A crack addict. This is because crack cocaine is a freebase form of cocaine hydrochloride.
Man, that guy smokes so much rock. What a fucking base head.
by The Happy Chemical January 26, 2006
Not just a coke addict, to correct some people on here. A base head is someone that smokes cocaine that has been cut with something, and sold as more, then passed to someone and they will cook it down with a few more ingredients to make it into a yellowish toned rock, known as "crack rock"
Jeff if a base head, he smokes a gram of rock a night.
by homelesshomey April 02, 2004
1. Someone who smokes freebase stimulants, particularly crack cocaine, but also methamphetamine.
3. An individual who lacks commonsense, presence of mind, or conscientiousness.
1. Check out the homeless basehead passed out on that bench.
2. You silly fuckin' basehead, you're looking at the map upside down!
by faustus November 26, 2006
Someone who is addicted to freebase cocaine, not to be confused with crack.
"Lenny, the basehead, smoked all of my coke!"
by TehKold March 22, 2006
1) Drug addict who can't find anything else better to do with their free time but get wasted.
1)A lot of teenagers
2)Sadly, most college students.
3)Probably that bum in your downtown area
4)Aww fuck it, probably you.
by MayGah February 08, 2004
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