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a bag containing $10 worth of weed; also known as a dimebag.
usually around a sixteenth of an ounce depending on quality and who you buy from. should be enough for 3-4 smokes.
i picked up a ten bag last night and got stoned off my ass.
by abbas224 March 03, 2007
a term used to refer to varieties of cannabis sativa grown for industrial (non-drug purposes). varieties approved for industrial use have very low THC content; the main psychoactive cannabinoid. varieties cultivated for recreational or medicinal uses have higher concentrations of THC, but generally have poor fiber quality and are therefore not used industrially.
hemp has many uses, some of which are:


hemp cultivation is regulated in some countries, and outlawed in others (much like varieties of cannabis used for recreational or medicinal drug use).
hemp is not synonymous with marijuana, weed, ganja, mary jane etc.
whilst THC is present in all cannabis plant varieties to a certain extent, the THC levels in hemp are minute and have little intoxicating effects.
so unless your dealer is trying to scam you, he won't be selling you an ounce of hemp. you buy hemp from hemp factories, not from drug dealers.
by abbas224 June 24, 2007
an opiate, structurally related to morphine, but less potent.
used for its analgesic (pain killing), antitussive (cough medicine) and antidiarrhoeal properties.
common applications include pain pills and cough syrup. its OTC purchase is regulated. in most countries, preparations are only available OTC in low concentrations and in combination with paracetamol (acetaminophen) (as co-codamol), with aspirin (as co-codaphrin) or with ibuprofen.
it is available without prescription in combination preparations from licensed pharmacists in doses up to 8 mg/tablet in Canada, 13.8 mg/tablet in Australia, 15 mg/tablet in New Zealand and 12.8mg/tablet in the UK (with paracetamol or ibuprofen).
as it is an opiate, its effects are similar to those of morphine and heroin (although less potent and with a slower onset).
good effects include euphoria, sedation, relaxation, pain relief, the feeling of warmth, and a general sense of well-being.
bad effects include itchiness (common with all opiates, this lasts the duration of the high), nausea, lowered libido (temporary and lasts the duration of the high), and constipation.
its ease of acquisition and purification from pain pills via cold-water extraction means that it is sometimes used recreationally. it can be ingested orally, rectally (see booty bumping), or injected intramuscularly. it should never be injected intravenously or insufflated. if you want to use something like co-codamol or co-codaphrin to achieve a codeine high, extracting the codeine is essential - acetaminophen and aspirin are hepatotoxic and easy to overdose on.
in certain areas of the US, notably Texas, prescription strength codeine-containing cough syrup with promethazine (known as lean) is often mixed with a soft drink such as Sprite, to make a drink known as purple drank or sizzurp. this was made popular by BIG RED, a rapper from Southern California. the hue of purple drank comes from dyes in the cough syrup.
rappers Paul Wall, Mike Jones, T.I., Beanie Sigel, Big Moe, Slim Thug, Fat Joe, and Z-Ro sip purple drank.
after a motorbike accident, my doctor prescribed my a box of codeine pills. i took two and was totally out of it for 4 hours.
by abbas224 April 11, 2007
one of the worst rappers out there - the kind of guy who brings rap music its bad stereotypes.
does nothing except bastardise the English language in his music and randomly yell 'YEEEAAAH!', OKAAAYYY!', 'WHAAAATTT!' and 'CRUUUNK!' like a retard.
a god for wiggers and poseurs everywhere.
lil jon is a prime example of what too much 'purple drank' will do to you.
by abbas224 July 24, 2007
NO2 is nitrogen dioxide - one of the most prominent air pollutants. NO2 is a toxic, reddish-brown gas with a sharp, biting odor.
often confused with lesser oxides of nitrogen (NO and N2O).

NO is nitric oxide - a highly unstable gas and a toxic air pollutant. nitric oxide (not nitrogen dioxide) PRECURSORS are often used in bodybuilding supplements (not the gas itself). nitric oxide has nothing at all to do with creatine.

N2O is nitrous oxide - a colourless, slightly toxic gas with a pleasant, sweet odor and taste. this gas has many uses:
- as an aerosol propellant
- as a performance enhancer in vehicle racing
- as an inhalant, medically (as an anaesthetic, particularly in dentistry) and recreationally (for the euphoria and hallucinations it produces). automobile nitrous MUSTN'T be used for this purpose, since most of it has sulfur dioxide added to prevent recreational use.
NO2 is not the same thing as N2O.
NO2 will corrode your engine if you try to use it as a performance enhancer.
if you inhale it, you'll definately get fucked up... but not in a good way.
by abbas224 September 03, 2007
1) (noun) the grey debris given off as a result of burning.
2) (verb) a method of drug use in which the drug (in the case of, for example, meth or crack), or a medium containing the drug (in the case of, for example, a herb such as tobacco or cannabis), is burned and the resulting smoke inhaled for its psychoactive effects. the psychoactive constituents are given off in the smoke and absorbed in the lungs of the user. smoking is one of the most efficient ways to consume a drug, but can be hazardous to lung health, especially if done regularly. smoking paraphernalia include cigarettes, bongs and pipes.
3) (verb) to kill, esp. by shooting.
4) (noun) a cigarette.
1) it stinks of smoke in here, did something catch fire?
2) i just scored an ounce of weed - wanna come round and smoke a spliff or six after school?
3) word is bond, i smoked that fool.
4) Marlboro lights are my favourite smokes.
by abbas224 June 14, 2007
a recreational abuser of base, not crack or cocaine.
recreational abusers of crack and cocaine are labelled as crackheads and cokeheads respectively.
base is a purer form of speed; typically at least 65% amphetamine (in contrast to speed being around 5% purity).
base isn't crack; it's a purer form of speed. therefore a basehead is one who abuses base.
by abbas224 June 13, 2007
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