1. The phonetic but incorrect spelling of bass, still occasionally seen in ads that bands put up in music stores.
2. A juvenile way of measuring how "far" a couple has gotten in terms of sexual activity, drawing an analogy to a game of baseball. Typically, "First Base", "Second Base" and so on refer respectively to tongue kissing, some type of heavy groping, oral sex, and full intercourse. Though the precise definitions have been known to vary.
1. "Our hevey metel band is seeking a drumer and base player."
2. "You went out with Cindy last night? So, dude, did you get to third base with her?"
by Bill M. September 10, 2004
a disgraceful attempt at a sequel to Tribes one. Base has been compared to watching slugs mate. Very old slugs.
There is about as much skill required to play base as there is to tie ones shoes. Amazingly enough, there are people who still find it challenging to do both.
by Majestic February 17, 2003
to touch ones penis...in particular the base of the shaft.
"Touch my base","Feel my base bitch"
by Hannah Morley March 15, 2008
1)A place one must attend if they are not 'academically smart'.
2)Can be used as harmful language to hurt ones feelings.
1)Base is where i going extra lessons to get smarter
2) Dude you ar a fucking base
by James Barlow April 12, 2005
street speed - not pure.
guy 1 - what you got for tonight?
guy 2 - 2 grams of base mate!
by jimmy urine September 26, 2003
Good evening Gentlemen
Due to the unfortunate "sucking" of translators of the early 90's They have set us up the Bomb.
Make your time.
by Cyanyde August 06, 2003
friend camarada dude bro
wutt up base?
that beezie is fuckin fine base!
by mark "This guy" rios March 17, 2008
Place where someone is.
"Yo where are you man?"
"I'm at my girlfriend's base"

"Hey Shaun what you doing today?"
"Im going to ma boi's base to chill"
by Sherelle March 14, 2007

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