The most despised baseball player of all time. Because of his contempt for others and himself, will be remembered as a joke to the sport.
Kid 1:
Hey, I just met Barry Bonds and he refused to sign my baseball.

Kid 2:
That is because he is an ignorant asshole, and doesn't understand that it is important to be respectful of baseball fans. It's okay; when he is no longer around, no one will care.
by MTF February 09, 2009
One of the two symbols of everything wrong with the game today, and why it will never be good again. He symbolizes cheating (steroids, body armor), selfishness, player arrogance/entitlement, disrespect for the game and fans, and has been all but utterly forgotten by fans since his ostracism only a couple years ago, unlike Ruth, who's still forever endeared into the hearts of our entire nation by children who can't even walk yet. Unofficially, he is never ever regarded as the top home run leader of all time, and has a home run ball in the hall of fame with an asterisk on it.

The other symbol being Alex Rodriguez, symbol of player greed and free agency gone mad, but is trying to complete the circle jerk by being like Barry Bonds and wants the title of all-time asshole all for himself, he is well on his way.

Albert Pujols is our only hope.
Baseball Fan 1: I was reading the all time homerun list in Baseball Reference the other day, and saw this guy named Barry Bonds was at the top.

Baseball Fan 2: Barry who? Must be a typo, everyone knows it's Hank Aaron.
by stevensw July 04, 2010
A baseball player, and member of the San Francisco Giants, with an abnormally large head caused by using steroids for the past decade or more. Without steroids, he'd be lucky to still be playing in the majors. Just ask Sammy Sosa.

Some people call Bonds the greatest baseball player of all time, but these people are 100% retarded. He may break Babe Ruth's homerun record, but only thanks to doing enough juice to kill a small horse.
Barry Bonds is a fraud.
by yodayodayodayoda July 23, 2006
A guy who, although a complete jerk to those not in his very very very tight inner circle, is the greatest hitter of all time. He is the subject of persistent ire by those who will write his records off to steroids while pitchers for their teams gun balls at 100 mph and batters hit equally monstruous home runs. This "guilt by personality" paradigm is the direct result of people not wanting someone they do not like breaking the record of all records, and demonstrates the selfishness and ignorance of the common fan.
Barry Bonds is the greatest hitter of all time, get over it.
by SGP May 18, 2005
Best baseball player ever. unfairly labeled as the poster boy for steroid use in baseball when steroids have been being used way before hes being accused of using them. has not tested positive for steroid use. He was already the best player in baseball before he supposedly started taking them in 1998. not decades ago like some other idiot posted. is accused of taking steroids from 1998-2002, steroids became illegal in baseball in 2003. Seems to be the only case of guilty until proven innocent in America when people have tested positive for steroid use but they never get the kind of media coverage Bonds gets. Also the federal government is investigating a game...when we have troops dying in Iraq. Nice deversion for George Bush. Also if hes such a cheater what about all the steroid using pitchers he homered off of, what about all the steroid using players he played verse. Bonds is the best baseball player in history and this indictment will fall through and then Bud Selig wont have anything else to do in his pathetic life.
Barry Bonds is the best baseball player ever
by Barry Bonds Is The Greatest November 23, 2007
Barry Bonds stands as one of the greatest baseballs players in professional baseball history. Many baseballs fans of our current era (2000's) feel threatened by the poignant and borderline superhuman sucesses of this baseball player in the context of his craft. This is due, in paramount, to his alleged use of performance enhancing drugs known as steroids. While steroids may have helped this baseball player play his game harder, faster, stronger and so-on, what many of his accusers perhaps fail to realize is that all of us, at some point in time in our professional careers, ingest some kind of substance in order to deal or cope with the stresses of our respective careers — or — even to enhance our performance.

It is, of course, a terrible hypocrisy, to chastise another human being simply due to the fact that s/he is in a more visible or finacially rewarding line of work. It is not even valid or justifiable that any of us deride his alleged actions whilst most of us drink coffee, alcohol, take headache medication, effervescent energy tablets, energy bars, cocaine, marijuana, Coca Cola, and so-on, in order to deal with the stresses of our day to day jobs, and in many instances, enhace our performance.

It should be remembered and considered, that there is, always has been, and always will be, a fine line between legal and illegal and our justifications for our own personal actions that pertain to these legal issues. Many defame Barry Bonds because his alleged steroid use was illegal. But every day we may violate the speed limit, we may drive home after a fun night with friends after 2 drinks, we may smoke a bit of marijuana, we may try to find ways to skate around federal taxes, we may roll through a stop sign as an 8-year-old child stands on the crosswalk curb to the right, and we may take a Valium before a stressful meeting in order to ease the nerves and close the sale. Or!... we may take it to enhance our performance!

Of course there will be some folks out there that profess they abstain from drugs like valium or caffeine, but they've certainly rolled through stop signs and the lot of other violations. For X sake! We're all humans here and evolution in and of itself should drive the justification for adapting to our current challenges. The message here is not necessarily to absolve the actions of Barry Bonds, but to dissolve the hypocritical accusations that we, the public, are better than the souls that entertain us by way of the television. Television sucks, people, I'll admit to that any day, but baseball is one of the last real things we'll find on television. Real players doing real things, real emotions, real time, etc. It's the other decay that's out there that we should be skeptical of.... the politics, the drama shows... the news... but not the game of baseball. This is a group of men that are simply pushing to outperform one another. They're not villains. If there's animosity toward cheating... why, then, let's turn our heads more vehemently to politics or media, by golly, and let's stop whipping those prodigies that entertain us.
One of the greatest baseball players of all-time is Barry Bonds.
by William Goodshop August 18, 2006
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