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A very great baseball player whose name generates eruptions of idiocy from all those self-righteous prigs out there who act as if the greatest players in baseball haven't always used substances that alter their normal state and in that way, for them, enchance their performance. Duh, it's only because people didn't know about it for most of a century -- and those who did kept it quiet, because those kinds of things were kept quiet. America (and its pasttime) was not apple pie and innocence in the past, it was behavior just like today that was hidden, and a bunch of innocents just didn't see it. If you followed "ye who is without sin cast the first stone," the pathetic losers who are trashing Bonds would open their mouths and nothing would come out.
Lack of insight, both personal and social, leads to mistaken trashing of Barry Bonds and contemporary baseball.
by katieheartstar October 03, 2006

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