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(n) another name for Steroids, HGH, or any other extreme muscle building substance
Bill: Man, have you seen Jake? He's gotten huge since last summer!
Tom: Yeah, he got on that Barry Bonds
by RandyD October 31, 2007
Another way of saying "Let's Do It."

In reference to Tone Loc's 1988 single "Wild Thing" -

"Let's do it

Workin' all week 9 to 5 for my money
So when the weekend comes I go get live with the honey
Rollin' down the street I saw this girl and she was pumpin'
I winked my eye she got into the ride went to a club was jumpin'
Introduce myself as Loc she said "You're a liar"
I said "I got it goin' on baby doll and I'm on fire"
Took her to the hotel she said "You're the king"
I said "Be my queen if you know what I mean and let us do the wild thing"
Chad: You ready to go the football game?
Marcus: Tone Loc!
by RandyD November 02, 2007

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