Having your testies inserted into a vagina, then they are queefed out.
The ginger put his balls in the fat cows vaj only to have them ejected by a pussy fart. barney
by purplehaze2291 March 18, 2007
It is abbreviated from Barney Rubble in the Flintstones Fred Flintstone's friend. Meaning Trouble where Rubble Rhymes with "trouble"
"Fucking hell we're in alot Barney!!!"
by O.D May 28, 2008
A television character who made kids do things like do the limbo or count sticks. The program he stars in is educational. Although alot of people deny they watched it, they know they watched it:)
My friend told me that barney's tail is on the wrong side.
by 1337 Hacker March 17, 2005
another way for sayin fag in mexico, a communist and or drug lord… FBI has been tryin to stop him but they say hes got to many followers help me and many others take this mutha fucka out!
hey hey you felipe! you're a barney!
by kirby baggins August 16, 2005
A kook on a mountain bike.
That barney can't keep his bike on the trail.
by Fred July 24, 2003
Barney is, well, it's me! My name is Barney, and I really enjoy being....'different' from the rest!
'Hi Barney!' Said Polly, the sister of Barney
by polly April 07, 2005
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