THE ULTIMATE EVIL! He must be destroyed at all costs!

Join me, in my noble crusade against Barney!
Barney will devour your soul!!
by Cortana Dragoon June 24, 2005
1.A giant Purple Dinosaur who waits until all the adults are gone and then secretly takes the kids and tells them how happy lif is and nothing goes wrong. He promises them they'll be happier with him.

Little do the kids know that Barney is secretly keeping them from their parents and demanding money from them for the release of the children. They cry and plead if they too much he'll pop a cap in their ass.

Meanwhile the kids smile sing while cleaning up all of Barney's shit and pretend they are better then they actually ever will be. Until all of it spirals down and they find out Barney's been using them and spending the money on cocaine.

2.Another word for Poop.

3.A hippy who likes sex drugs and beer.

4.Another word for penis.
1.That dinosaur Barney is one messed up Mutha F-cka!

2.I just took a huge Barney in your toilet. Let it sit for another week or two.

3.Man This Barney just came up to me and had sex on my floor.

4.I just shoved my barney so far up this one chick's *ss that she couldn't sit right for a month.
by DontbeHatin April 27, 2005
The creation of terrorists to destroy the minds of the youths of the United States.
Please mom, can I watch more barney? Today they are supposed to teach about jihad...
by Admiral Justin April 02, 2003
cockney rhyming slang for trouble.
barney...barney rubble...trouble!
by JohnGhenry September 16, 2007
...from the surf movie" North Shore"
Barney,Barno,Barnyard, Haole to the Max..a Kook in and out of the water
That Haole can't surf,he's a Barney for sures 'Bra
by phatdave June 26, 2005
An evil carnivore who loved the girlish color pink. In 1956, he killed many people and many famous people. Barney is the devil's son, disguised in a pink, big fat coat, acting such a good-goody. But Barney -- behind the sences, is an alcoholic, a cusser, a gambler -- (Gasp!) -- even a bad person!

A mild form of "hell." Instead of using "hell" or "heck," "Barney" is the safer word to say.
1.God dang it! That freak Barney is going to send me to hell tommorow... dang it.

2.Some ass at work said I am going to Barney. What the f*** does he think?

3.I might go to Barney if I steal more wine.
by Tim August 16, 2004
gay(not homo) fruity or just plain dumb
Jesus-man this song is hard foe
Jr-man that song is Barney
by Jr Ismael Rodriguez January 29, 2008
overaged man in a purple dinosaur suit who molests young naive children.
by yummy August 10, 2003

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