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One who walks without shoes and socks in public. It usually can be identified by permanent dust on the person's soles.
I could tell that she was a barefooter, because her soles were covered in permanent dust.
by Whitly September 17, 2006
one who loves to have bare feet everywhere
I know this girl who's a barefooter for sure.
by tongestin March 24, 2010
n. One who frequently (if not always) walks around barefoot in public. He or she takes pride in this fact, and is not ashamed of having dirty feet. The person may, in fact, have been kicked out of stores, restaurants, and other public places due to his or her bare feet, and likes to flaunt it. There are some advantages to this lifestyle, however: according to some research, it keeps your feet healthier. Quite a few Facebook groups and websites have been dedicated to this lifestyle, indicating its popularity. Not recommended for certain urban areas!
Alex (to woman): Hey, are you a barefooter too?

Woman: Yes I am! Let's walk barefoot through Wal-Mart and see if they kick us out!
by DireClown June 18, 2011
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