A Bap is a person who fiends for something heavy, or is sorta an addict when it comes to something,usually drugs. Burr!
Dylan was bappin to chief some pif. Bap Of the Year is a white nigga name dylan aka pointdexter aka harry potter aka bart slavia aye!!!
by GucciManeSaysBurr January 24, 2013
South Korean kpop hip hop group who had their debut in 2012. Also known as BAP.

Yongguk: leader, main rapper, songwriter
Himchan: Visual, vocals
Daehyun: main vocalist
Youngjae: lead vocalist
Jongup: Main dancer, vocalist, choreographer
Zelo: rapper, maknae
Known for their tough image, and cute image for Crash
B.A.P and EXO: best rookies of 2012
by rappingbap August 30, 2012
Jugs, breasts, hooters, jubblies, big orbs.
"Check Tracey's baps, they're hanging out her dress..."

Wee Scabby - Christmas night out, 2004
by frank pubes February 05, 2005
1. A south korean rookie group that debuted in 2012 and are manly and have aegyo. otherwise known as MAEGYEO

2. Also known as Blonde Asian People
Fan: Errmahgerrd!!! Come watch B.A.P's debut video!
Fan-to-be: What? B.A.P?
Fan: Yush! Best Absolute Perfect!
(watches video)
Fan-to-be: don't you mean Blonde Asian People?
by bombbombfollowme January 09, 2013
In British English, a type of floury soft bread roll, a bit like a hamburger bun. Used affectionately to describe breasts.
She's got splendid baps.
by philip June 09, 2004
An amazing male Korean group. Under the management of TS Entertainment. Also known as Best Absolute Perfect. Their fan club name is Babyz. Their symbol is a bunny known as Matoki. The group contains 6 members. They debuted in January 26, 2012. They are known for their strong, manly, and charismatic image and powerful choreography; Which is the first group to be the manliness. They started at the bottom as being the newest rookie but because their new unique style of music is so different from any other male kpop group, it has caught many people's attention from all around the world. For being a rookie, they managed to show who they really are, showing their differences by expressing their unique colors and instantly received many awards, such as "Best Male Rookie", "New Rising Star", "Rookie of the Year", "Mnet PD's Choice Award", "Best New Artist", "2012 Super Rookie Idol", "Best Rookie Group", "Best Aegyo", "Best K-pop Rookie 2012", "Best Condition", "Best Live", "Most Appearances", "Best Audience Moment", "Best New Boyband", "Best Choreography", and "Song of the Year". They did so much in less than one year, like being known, receiving awards, having more than 20 songs, and already been and touring worldwide. They've done so much more and they're just a rookie. Their songs will touch your heart because the meaning of their songs are touching and true. Each member are unique and original in their own ways and even though they aren't great in doing aegyo.
B.A.P Members:
Bang YongGuk; Leader and Main Rapper
Kim HimChan; Visual and Sub-Vocal
Jung DaeHyun; Lead Vocalist
Yoo YoungJae; Main Vocalist
Moon JongUp; Main dancer
Zelo (Choi JunHong); Rapper, Dancer, and Maknae
by AkumaZelo April 14, 2013
A poor quality, generally not good, undesirable.
As with much urban terminology bap is derived from rap and is then generalized and applied to a broader variety of situations.

"And I smoke 'dro motherfucker keep that bap ass weed."
by Nylon November 29, 2007
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