Some clean ass shoes that come in a shit load of colors. Bapes were created in japan and spread to the U.S. bapes is short for bathing apes. When he made the shoe, he gave it the name bathing ape meaning "spoiled kid".. like a momma ape bathes a baby ape.... u get it? So if u got bapes then u must be spoiled. But once again, they some clean ass shoes!
Dee: was up mark, check out these bapes

Mark: Dam!!!! them is clean!
by that boi dee October 12, 2007
DUMB LOOKIN SHOES THAT COST WAY 2 MUCH THAT ONLY NEGROS WEAR, CAN NEVER COMPARE TO JORDANS ----A Bathing Ape or BAPE is a Japanese clothing company founded by Nigo (real name Tomoaki Nagao) in 1993.1 The company specializes in urban and hip-hop fashion, operating stores in Japan including BAPE, BAPE Store, Foot Soldier and the Bape Exclusive store which is located in Aoyama, Tokyo. The company also operates Bape Cuts hair salon, Bape Café and gallery, Bape Sounds records. There are stores located in Hong Kong, London, New York, Taipei and Los Angeles. Nigo also founded the women's clothing lines "APEE" which is the female version of BAPE, and "BAPY" which is the female "couture" clothing line.

In January 2005, Nigo and Pharrell Williams, an American producer, singer, rapper, and songwriter, launched the first "Bathing Ape" store in New York.5 Nigo is also co-owner and head designer of Pharrell's Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream Footwear.6 In 2006, Nigo and N-Kei Enzaki started a record company, Ape Sounds, with help from James Lavelle, a UK DJ and owner of the Mo' Wax label. He serves as a producer and director for his CDs, blending Western hip-hop with Asian sounds.3

i got me sum bathing apes ( BAPES )
by KYLE WA February 01, 2008
A more "polite" word for lame
coming from a crowd from a diversity and acceptance camp
instead of calling someone or something lame or dumb you call it "bape"
That party last night? It was soooo bape. I was ready to go home
by Irish lady potato farmer August 10, 2009
to tell a story that has no purpose at all, and ends up being a complete waste of time.
"dude, Megan just baped me. Add one to the tally."
by Bucky12 September 07, 2008
When someone tells a really boring story but doesn't realize it.
Dude, Megan just baped the shit out of you.
by Harris Three August 31, 2008
A Black Person who looks like a monkey.
That nigga looks like a bape!
by Reverend, Father Uncle Ruckus November 29, 2007
Hot ass clothes for stuntaz.
I got me a bape yesterday -soulger boi
by fickle November 04, 2007

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