nice, expensive, freshesh shoes ever. designed by pharrell and they r not ice creams as someone else said ice creams r like them but they are there own shoe but also made by pharrell, and they damn sure aint no fukin ones (air force ones for stupid ppl that dont kno wat that meant)
smart person: look at them bapes
stupid person:aint those ice creams
smart person:no u idiot there bapes
stupid person shuts up now
n. a rimjob, annilingus
"Damn, she gave the bape." or "Wow, that was some powerful bape."
by Hotchney March 22, 2007
A Japanese clothing company that makes ugly clothes that look like pajamas. They are ridiculously priced, and bought by spoiled rich kids because terrible rap artists like Pharrell, Lil Wayne, and Young Jeezy wear them. If you wear this brand of clothing, you are nothing but a mainstream trend follower robot.
Loser: Hey look at my $5000 bape shirt!
Me: Shutup.
by zetox August 27, 2006
A former "cool" clothing brand.

Died out because loser rap artists and dumb white people wore it. Idiots from American and Gaijin who listen to "I THINK I'M TURNING JAPANESE" by the Vapors too much.

It's not even cool in Japan anymore, it hasn't been cool for the last 5 years.

People in America need to get a clue about fashion. America's fashion is years behind European and Asian fashion.

As a Japanese person, I laugh at all these newjacks trying to act cool in their "has been" fashion.

Please I had this shit a long time ago.
You: Look at me in my Bape rainbow hoodie which costs 500 and my shoes that costs 200!!

Me: Baka gaijin ::shakes head::
by Uesugi Katsumori aka KAT September 25, 2005
Short for bum-rape. But specifically a homosexual practice.
Help! I've been baped!
by Rocks November 13, 2003

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