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reply to acknowlege that something is good or not good when you really got no legitimate reply.
MAC: "Today I got fired from my job and my wheelchair got a flat tire."

JOE: ... "BAOW."
by Swernded L. Yidew May 03, 2007
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Greeting, or agreement.
Katy - "What's up Spence?"

Spencer -"Baow!"
by spency rae valentine January 21, 2009
really aoswome balls (human testicles)
oh my god man ur breakn mah baows
by ericcartman4556 March 17, 2009
1. Baby
2. Young munchkin
3. A person lacking height and/or bodily features
4. Noise made by Yoshi when he spits out a turtle shell
by Mashi Maro September 27, 2003
A member of a species of a very young age, it would lose it's "baowhood" after gaining natural age or if it's size increases beyond a certain extent.

They are a clever breed and will milk you for all they want (sometimes literally in the cases of baows ages 6 months and under). Be aware of these baows, for you may also step on them if one does not look where one is going.
1. Baby

Did you see that baow at the bulldogs game? I swear it was going to explode!
by James W Moss January 03, 2004

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