Top Definition
crazy for.

crazy, trippin', wack, off the hook, k fizzle, off the heezy, tyte, bitchin'
Andrea Chen is banoodles for Linkin Park.
The girls went banoodles after they heard the hott guy in their math class had dropped out.
by :) January 12, 2004
insane, crazy, awesome
"this season is gonna be banoodles"
-mia michaels from so you think you can dance
by juggalette428 June 18, 2008
"to go banoodles"

To go crazy with celebration; to go bananas.
Jamir Howerton: The crowd goes banoodles whenever Phil Dawson kicks a field goal!
by coreyk626 June 28, 2006
Bag, Bending and noodle combined to create BA'NOODLE! The ultimate bag closure to bring shame to the ordinary 'chip clip'
One size fits ALL size bags. If it's a bag, a BA'NOODLE will roll it up, air tight, with a streamlined, clean look!
Candy bags, pet food bags and more!

4 exciting colors!
Hold any open bag, place a BA'NOODLE! along the opening, just roll and bend!
by banoodle babe January 12, 2010
That party was banoodles.
He went banoodles when he heard his girlfriend was preganant
by Erin March 11, 2003
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