a word describing both the bottom and front bottom of a woman.

A word to describe having had sex with a woman up both holes.
From English Fanny & Bum.
"what did you do to her?", " I done her up the banny".
"do you fancy a banny my love?".
"My fella bannied me a gooden last night".
by Brett March 11, 2005
Top Definition
a term to desrcribe both the bottom and the front bottom of a woman in one word.
a word to describe having had sex with a woman up both holes.
from the English, Bum/bottom and Fanny/vagina.
"what did ya do then?", "I done er up the banny".
"I gave her a banny"
"I was bannied by my fella"
by Bret March 11, 2005
When a person's belly cannot be distinguished from their fanny. They are one thing.
"Look at her big banny."
Carol Jackson out of Eastenders.
by Scottlee January 19, 2012
Nick name for pakistani lads by the name of Burhan.

Of big build.

Very gay in nature.

Kind, caring and loving which sometimes lands them in difficult situations.

Overall a good person , very sweet, and loves sports.

Can be an asshole at times.

Perverted at times also.

Sarcastic alot.

Would do anything for that one girl.

He will always be their for you.
Banny is so gay but i love him!
by silverfox790 June 15, 2011
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