n. Irish word for sausage. See also bangers and mash
I'll have your bangers and mash special.
by Clasik July 23, 2005
an ecstasy tablet, e, x, yoke etc. especially in Waterford and some other parts of southern Ireland
'I was Jay Pidgeon the other night, took about twenty bangers Boy!!'

'Any bangers boy!?!'
by Duggiest March 27, 2008
An old, delapidated worn out car or less commonly, van.
It will usually have been around the clock and will be rusty and clapped out.
Good examples of bangers are old reps cars which have been to Mars and back.
Most Private Hire Taxis are bangers and they are also used to race around dirt tracks for fun.
I'm goin banger racing today, wanna come along?
by stevie-J March 09, 2008
In skateboarding, an extremely large or difficult trick, usually down a high and/or long obstacle.
"Did you see Koston's banger at the end of "Yeah Right!"?

"Yeah, man, that tre flip noseblunt was sick."
by Brett Caruso April 24, 2006
A song that makes you feel the need to headbang to the beat.
Radd's newest set is full of bangers. You should check out his soundcloud if you're tryna rage.
by Radd April 12, 2015
A term used to describe a charge or hit of GHB (juice)
Hey did you hear that Colin had a 10ml banger?
by driftaaaa February 05, 2011
A rolled cigarette which may or may not be containing narcotics. Dublin slang.
"Anything worth my while in that banger?"
"Nah man, just a bit of toby."


"yeah man, just skinned a spicy one up!"
by GallantVW April 07, 2012

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