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a homemade shiv/shank. term mainly used in prison
Inmate 1: yo cuz phil is in the hospital. they say he's in critical condition.

Inmate 2: what happened?

Inmate 1: you didn't hear it from me but mikey rolled on his ass with the banger while he was in the shower
by scotian September 10, 2013
In skateboarding, an extremely large or difficult trick, usually down a high and/or long obstacle.
"Did you see Koston's banger at the end of "Yeah Right!"?

"Yeah, man, that tre flip noseblunt was sick."
by Brett Caruso April 24, 2006
a boner inducing trick of the likes of which no one has ever seen in the skateboarding world
"dude that banger that guy just dropped gave me such a boner in gonna need new pants."
by steezus christ December 13, 2012
A rolled cigarette which may or may not be containing narcotics. Dublin slang.
"Anything worth my while in that banger?"
"Nah man, just a bit of toby."


"yeah man, just skinned a spicy one up!"
by GallantVW April 07, 2012
Banger is a piece of poo that comes from anus, it is usually brown smelly and can leave a snail trail in the toilet and panties.
"Damn that banger was booming" "Jesus I need a banger so badly I can feel it poking my panties" "MOVE BITCH I need to deploy this banger"
by LucyMCdKAECK December 27, 2011
a high-skilled snowboard trick. usually consists of big air, atleast a 720, and perhaps a flip or two
ie of banger: dbl bs rodeo
by ca$h moneyyyy March 29, 2011
A term used to describe a charge or hit of GHB (juice)
Hey did you hear that Colin had a 10ml banger?
by driftaaaa February 05, 2011