scottish word. a derrogative term.
here you ya banger.
aye f*****G bolt ye banger.
aye that joe bloggs what a banger
by RoryM August 20, 2007
a person who is a very good and very strong fighter
Shon: Yo, did you see that kid beat John's ass.

Jason: Yea, that kid is a banger.

by ShonD2 August 21, 2006
n. Irish word for sausage. See also bangers and mash
I'll have your bangers and mash special.
by Clasik July 23, 2005
In skateboarding, an extremely large or difficult trick, usually down a high and/or long obstacle.
"Did you see Koston's banger at the end of "Yeah Right!"?

"Yeah, man, that tre flip noseblunt was sick."
by Brett Caruso April 24, 2006
A term used to describe a charge or hit of GHB (juice)
Hey did you hear that Colin had a 10ml banger?
by driftaaaa February 05, 2011
when your dick sticks up
a intense party
John are you having a banger now.
by TrollerDefines November 20, 2014
a boner inducing trick of the likes of which no one has ever seen in the skateboarding world
"dude that banger that guy just dropped gave me such a boner in gonna need new pants."
by steezus christ December 13, 2012

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