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its a shortened version of the old cockney rhyming slang Bangers and mash .... Cash

but in the more modern another way we use bangers as a way of expressing got lots of cash.
"My job is low Paid"

reply "well im making bangers!!"
by TheLongDog December 31, 2009
tricks with finesse and style
Craig stomped several bangers at the skatepark today.
by Chuck B May 09, 2005
a gun
dont fuck with him he comes with a banger on his hip.
by thatnigganate December 28, 2009
Any Size Pistol, Firearm
In The Rain City We Keep Them Bangers
by dt 206 June 15, 2008
An old, delapidated worn out car or less commonly, van.
It will usually have been around the clock and will be rusty and clapped out.
Good examples of bangers are old reps cars which have been to Mars and back.
Most Private Hire Taxis are bangers and they are also used to race around dirt tracks for fun.
I'm goin banger racing today, wanna come along?
by stevie-J March 09, 2008
n. Irish word for sausage. See also bangers and mash
I'll have your bangers and mash special.
by Clasik July 23, 2005
a person who is a very good and very strong fighter
Shon: Yo, did you see that kid beat John's ass.

Jason: Yea, that kid is a banger.

by ShonD2 August 21, 2006