a boner inducing trick of the likes of which no one has ever seen in the skateboarding world
"dude that banger that guy just dropped gave me such a boner in gonna need new pants."
by steezus christ December 13, 2012
A trick in a skateboarding video at the end of someones part to wrap it all up. Normally this is the best trick.
Did you see Chris Haslams Kickflip to Backside Smith grind on that Handrail!! WHAT A BANGER!!
by oonza January 13, 2008
A girl so hot that when you turn your head that second time to check her out, you turn to your friend and say" Damn, she's bangin."
Mike: Hey man, any bangers at that party?

Me: They're all bangers.
by Anthony Strubeck October 18, 2007
A crazy party with lots of alcohol, hooking up, and usually takes place over holidays like 4th of july, halloween, or new years.
Guy1: Did you get invited to Carly's banger?
Guy2: Yeah, that shit's gonna be crazy!
by KennedyFuhshiz January 03, 2011
A synonym for the word cylinder. This is a slang word used in context of the automotive world, relating to any engine.
Just bought me a brand-spankin' new four-banger car the other day!
by b-neners March 12, 2008
80's rockers, for men they had the mullets, t-bird muscle cars and shirts. Ladies had the big black leather purses with the *rabbit foot key chain* the bleach blonde BIG hair with black roots. Tight TIGHT clothing.
Banger's were cool back in the day.
by Michelle April 21, 2003
The combination of having sex with one while angry, or specifically out of anger.
"I had sex with her out of banger"
by sex pllay October 18, 2011
Racial slur against people from Bangladesh. Also "bungy" is sufficient in a being a derogatory term.
Sayeed is such a banger, he has worked here 6 months and doesn't know what the fuck a screwdriver is still.
by Pavelski8 May 19, 2011

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