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words used to express happiness while taking a diareah
bang-a-rang! that felt good!
by gachoka September 04, 2004
A more sexual substitute for the common "gimme-some-of-that" call "bom-chicka-wah-wah".
Originally chanted by lost boys in the movie "Hook" (1991) for their appetizing chief, Rufio.
1st Guy: "Dude! Sally's looking hot tonight!"
2nd Guy: "I know! Bang-a-rang!"
by Krist'n January 23, 2008
A verb describing the events coming back to you from the banger you went to last night; like a boomerang.
James: I woke up this morning and throughout breakfast I was being bangaranged with the events from last night!

Cal: No way! Same! Too many jagerbombs!
by theOGcranker February 22, 2012
A form of cheers that involves tapping drinks together, then to the table before drinking.
1. "Drinks are on me!" "Bangarang"

2. "Too good friends" (raising glasses) "Bangarang"

3. "Lets take shots!" "Bangarang"
by Jerzey's Finest December 09, 2010
The party in Jacksonville, Fl An all night EDM RAGER! One could compare a Bangarang night to winning a nobel prize or finding a decoder ring at the bottom of your box of cereal its that awesome. Its got the baddest sound system, the best lazers, and has a nasty habit of melting your face off. If you haven't bangaranged you havent lived.
What are we doing tonight?

by bobsaget919 December 29, 2011
To have an entire group of people moshing one person; To be attacked by multiple people.
"Hey is Johnny okay? I heard he was bangarang'd in school yesterday."
"Don't know. he's in the hospital."
by Dylan7225 January 17, 2012
An out of control rage/party/awesomeness with the funnest of friends.
Last night was BANGARANG.
by 1st lady blkmba January 30, 2011