The name of an asian child.
Eat your rice now Bang.
by May 11, 2006
(Vulgar slang) sexual intercourse. Probably origined from the banging between the pubic areas when the penis goes in and out of the vagina.
Lucy? I banged her last weekend. / I was furious last night because he aroused me but wouldn't give me the bang.
by Anonymous July 14, 2002
It is a shortened word for what happens when you have a hangover. You have booze-anxiety..."bangs". You feel uneasy about what you have done and said and are pretty sure you are in trouble with someone somewhere.
Dude, I went out hard last night and then woke up with a bad case of the bangs!
by jena6 April 11, 2011
To beat up/physically assault. Mainly used in South London
"Shit bruv, I got banged in the face by those boys."

"Shut your mouth before I bang you up."
by zipwire101 October 12, 2009
to have sexual intercourse with.
Andrea got banged.
Andrew banged her.
by I JUST BANGED YOUR MOM February 26, 2008
To be involved in gang, or gang like, activities. Such as selling drugs, or pimping hos.
"I bang wit da Ballas Punk."
by tmofft August 13, 2006
hot, unrestrained, animal sex
Okay, Annie, listen, I don't want to make sex, eat choc-o-late, look at an-i-mals, take walk. you go home and say 'touch here touch me down there, I like that'. I don't think so, Annie, don't have time, want to drink, cigarette. You know. You know what Annie honey, I just want bang bang bang!
by dinkybarrel April 28, 2005

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