to inject a drug intravenously
That guy bangs every drug he gets. He even bangs adderall and shit.
by peanuts and corn March 19, 2006
An American term for hair that has been cut to frame the face at the forehead.

I couldn't afford botox so I went with bangs.
by The Makeover Guy November 05, 2007
To Have Hot Wild Sex
"I wanna bang the shit out of you"
by Kari March 07, 2005
to have sex so fucking hard it makes you scream crzy things.
<i>(1)oh my god o me harder harder.
(2)get it in.
(3)your banging me so hard it hurts
by maymaymay August 01, 2008
Another way for Americans to bastardise the English language.
Bangs = Fringe, i.e. the part of your hair that covers the forehead.
<Chuck> I'll be your social director for the evening. Would you ladies like a tour of the's free.
<Daria> Do you accept tips?
<Chuck> Ofcourse!
<Daria> Ditch the bangs.
by IkhabaatCrane May 03, 2008
1) To fuck.
2) A loud noise.
3) A word used to imply affiliation with a street gang.
4) A word used to describe the act of murder.
1) "I banged her all night long."
2) "I heard that bang."
3) "Nigga I'm bangin' crip."
4) "Let's bang on them pussy niggaz."
by brian fury May 18, 2005
1. An exclamation point (!). Bangs have various significance in computer languages. In boolean logic, a bang can be shorthand for NOT (e.g. !x, !=). A bang in some languages can be used to denote the start of a comment line. In some cases, a bang is also used as a delimiter.
2. To fuck someone.
1. Bang-X is another way of saying not-x.
2. I should have never banged the chick with herpes.
by ravingidiot August 25, 2004
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