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An expression or value that evaluates as either true or false, logically, or as a 0 or 1 to a compiler.
Programmer: Did you see how I tested that boolean?
Project Manager: Booya!
by Minstrel March 06, 2003
1. noun. When someone tryna flex but you know he ain't real so you call bullshit.

2. adj. When you know you taking the L and you need to express your tightness.
1. "Boy I'll break your ankles"
"Stfu thats some boolean"

2. "I just took the biggest L on that math test"
"Yeah boi that shit was boolean"
by jjcp May 14, 2015
boo lean is like a sideline BOO who you LEAN on when your main boo messin up!!!

background info....umm it was seen in some movie on a STI 'o9 field trip and one student (me) started sayin it around campus nd made it my text signature then decided 2 make it official on urban dictionary b4 mi bestfriend tried 2 steal it!!!
danielle:mane....tell me y mi sista seen mi man @ da movies wit sum otha girl

kayli:so wat u gone do?

danielle:imma just kick it wit my boo lean 'til he ge his act 2getha
by Kay Bee. :) July 03, 2009
It can be anything you want it to be.
" Man why you acting so boolean? "

" Did you see that girl she was bare boolean "

" Hey Julian the school called why you been boolean again!? "
by AHBooker September 12, 2007
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