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6 definitions by mangovega

A bogie is a scottish term for a child's toy cart - the sort of thing we used to lash up from an orange box and a set of pram wheels. "Soapbox" is the nearest equivalent
Bet you my bogie is faster than yours
by mangovega April 22, 2010
To talk too much, about nothing in particular
I'm not listeneing, so don't bang on about it, OK?
by mangovega January 05, 2011
The dough cleaned out of the bowl at a bakery or bread-shop at the end of the day, then carefully wrapped and put in the dumpster where some economical person might retrieve it. Keeps for ages, is tasty, with sultanas, cheese, ham sometimes.
I don't have to buy stuff, I just get stodge every now and then.
by mangovega May 06, 2010
A name of convenience used by ham radio aficianados, while they roam the airwaves.
This is ZL5371, aka, fathead, what's your nom-de-knob-twiddle buddie?
by mangovega October 13, 2010
(verb) to inform on, nark, report to authority, dob-in
I was cruising, and some bastard potted me
by mangovega October 25, 2010
A word in New Zealand only, meaning... the measuring of the merchantable amount of timber in a standing podocarp forest. Done using a tape measure at about chest height. The book "Timber Cruising" relates the times of men from the 1920-1950s. They lived in tents, walked many miles, worked in all weather.
I saw this ad in the paper and went cruising for three years. It was hard but better than nothing
by mangovega April 27, 2010