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The Baneen is the spirit of a whirlwind, who takes the form of a Hawk. In Indian mythology, to fend off the whirlwind, you have to throw a knife directly at it's heart. This will kill the Baneen.
Child, that whirlwind is cause by the evil Baneen spirit. Only when it is killed will this horror end.
by beepboopaaaa October 24, 2010
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To be intimidating
Don't be such a baneen, it's scary.
by laserbeam171 July 02, 2010
one who has excessive fat under the eyeys resulting in bad eye sight.
shes a baneen, she has fat eyes.
by hasoonie October 29, 2011
A mythical creature. Known for it's large, bird-like features. It is also referred to as "The Great Hawk" in some stories. The Baneen is described as having a large beak, in which to feed on it's prey. Is thought to have originated from Indian fairy-tales.
I have only seen the Baneen once before, back when I was a child. It's huge wings seemed to stretch right across the sky. Oh, how I long to see it once more before I die.
by mythicalll September 25, 2010
A term used to describe something/ someone extremely frightening. The word "Baneen" is often used to express a severe sense of fear or dread.
"How was the movie, John?"
"Saying that it was scary would be an understatement. That movie was Baneen!"
by Abacabbx3 January 09, 2012
A term used to refer to someone with a nose piercing (stud). This particular hole located on the facial region, based above the exterior of the nasal cavity. It is often used as a favourable secondary organ to assist in the art of breathing when the stud is removed. This art is practised amongst the tribes or colonies with larger noses.
"And then the Baneen removed the stud and air went into her lungs"
by icetruck666 January 16, 2012
A once common name meaning "mother of all sons." This name was often given to daughters in poor families, where sons were preferred. Over time the name Baneen has become less popular, as it is commonly misinterpreted as "one with many partners."
"I wish to name my daughter Baneen."
"Don't do that! That name is given to women who sleep with countless men."
by ilikeyourmomyumyum January 09, 2012

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