A measure of how fat a band is. The greater the fatness, the greater the bandwidth.

The Deftones have recently increased their bandwidth
by Dylan Stringer August 05, 2006
Referring to the size of ones pant size.
"oh my god....ew....check out the bandwidth on that girl..."
by redhairedfoo November 29, 2006
ability (or lack of ability) to complete work given the available resources (people, time, money, etc.)
Since we can't afford to replace the guy who just quit, our department doesn't have enough bandwidth to take on new projects right now.

Joe's so overworked, he doesn't even have the bandwidth to train his new assistant.
by amphora October 25, 2006
noun; available time
I'm seeing her at 5 o'clock if I have the bandwidth
by Big Simes January 22, 2003
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