your no-job-having-brother complaining about your minimal computer usage slowing down his Counterstrike sever
Get some real friends, you bandwith hog!
by war pig March 15, 2004
Top Definition
a bitch on a LAN that has so many programs running on the internet that it slows the whole network down
Dude, stop being a bandwidth hog, I'm trying to check my email
by Mix Mastah Vlad October 06, 2003
your bitchass roomate who downloads porn at all times.
by Anonymous October 02, 2003
Someone in a Internet forum that insists on posting huge avatars or pictures in their signature.
Did you see that? That bandwidth hog posted the entire declaration of independance in his Sig pic on our forums!
by Mike Marksmen April 28, 2008
ammend to previous

bitch on a LAN who DL's every fucking thing on the net and has multiple programs runing
room mate or family member dling things at all hours of the day
by Matt December 20, 2003
Dumbass brother john who downloads hella crap screwing up my halo 3 skills.
Want to play halo? No my bitch ass brother is being a bandwidth hog
by glass of burrito July 26, 2009
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