Person who goes to Blue Mountain and is obsessed with band and cares about nothing else.
by Anonymous June 06, 2003
A Dork, Nerd, Douchebag, Fucktard! Spends all their time talking worthless band smack. Moves in odd clicks only with other band geeks. A hater of sports or anyone with atletic ability. The douchebag that always got their books and that lame ass instrument case slapped out of their hands in school. Non-Pussy getter unless a trick within the nerd click is handin it out. Thinks anyone NOT in the band is a loser. Can't dress for shit. Always look out for floods, white high-top Reebok shoes from the 1980's, shitty hair style, taped glasses frame, possibly a pocket protector with an exploded pen stain on the pocket. Things killer bands like Metallica, Slayer, Ozzy, Staind and Alice in Chains are lame. A band geek can always play the Barney song on their instrument. Blogs with other band geeks about sheet music and band camp experiences. Has only seen pussy when his mom gets out of the shower. Thinks condoms are flute covers. Need I say more?
Kill- "Yo, Band Geek..come over here douchebag!"

Band Geek- "Um, I'm late for band practice and my bike has a flat tire."

Kill- "Get in my trunk fuckface, I'll drop you off!"

Band Geek- "Um ok."

by Kill1349Chief February 03, 2009
Mike Dixon. the epitimy of band geek. he teaches little kids to be band geeks.
Mike Dixon, what a band geek, big-nosed, glowworm.
by The Whole Entire World March 10, 2005
losers that read books and wear pocket protectors.
Lindsey is a Band Geek
by kevin r September 07, 2007
A high school senior that wears a varsity jacket that says:
1.Marching Band
2.Symphony Band
and nothing else. If they have another sport on their jacket, then they're fine. (BTW, orchestra is better than band.)
Bully: I hate those band geeks. I'm gonna kill them!
Band Geek 1: Not unless we kill you first!
Band Geek 2: Get him!
Bully: Ahhhh!!!!!
(Band geeks torture the bully to death with loud and terrible band music)
by UM North Quad April 19, 2006
A group of unattractive sexually active people that sometime give off the impression that they are either mentally challenged or homosexual. Also enjoy being in every extra band activity they can be in. Watch and read Anime.
Fat gothic clarinet player girl band geek:Hey, are we going to have sex after the pep band plays for hockey?

Nerdy french horn boy who lacks common sense band geek:Yeah sure, as long as we get to watch Anime porn.

fat gothic clarinet player girl band geek runs over to lesbian other clarinet girl band geek and they make out.

by CarvinCobalt April 02, 2007
Nerd who does nothing but band. Has no life and only hangs out with other band kids. These types of kids are made fun of at school (I wonder why...).
"Whatcha gonna do, band geek? Empty your spit valve on me??"
by *The Boss* July 16, 2006
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