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When a woman sends an angry, scathing text message to your phone; mostly because it happens to be that time of the month.
I'm feeling down, my girl PSMS'd me earlier.
by Melbourne Mong September 23, 2009
In WindowsLiveMessenger stands for: Personal Short Message, the short phrase messenger users use to write after their nickname. It's usually sign of someone's mood.
Alexander - Vicky...I want you so much!..guys thanks for last night...WE ARE THE BEST!!

Do u think that stupid sucker would ever remove that stupid message from his psm..?
by Dollarius November 21, 2007
Acronym, Paranoia Survivor Max. The hardest and meanest official DDR song out there.
I failed PSM after 5 seconds.
by PiccoloNamek January 03, 2004
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