The title of what is almost unanimously agreed to be the best episode of the Nicktoons show Spongebob Squarepants.

Squidward wants to form a band in Bikini Bottom so that he can win against his rival, Squilliam, at the "Bubble Bowl." Squidward calls together various residents of Bikini Bottom to perform, hoping to make them good at playing instruments. But through some of the funniest and most memorable shenanigans the show has to offer, the band ends up fighting, and all seems lost. But then on the day of the Bubble Bowl, the band shapes up and puts on perhaps the greatest song performance in cartoon history. Featuring the song "Sweet Victory" by Van Halen, the band is able to succeed, and Squidward is able to come out on top against his rival in the end.

Many fans consider this to be the absolute best episode of the show for its humor, memorable lines, jokes, and most of all, that kick-ass music number at the end. And it truly is amongst the show's best episodes in my opinion.
Memorable lines from "Band Geeks":

"Whoever's the owner of the white Sudan, you left your lights on."

"No Patrick, mayonnaise is not an instrument... Horse radish isn't an instrument either."

*After Squidward plays his clarinet* "Uh yes, we're here from the pet hospital, and we understand you have a dying animal on the premises."

"People talk loud when they want to act smart, right? -*Plankton* CORRECT!"

"It's the sweeeet, sweeeeet victory, yeah!"
by WTF123 December 02, 2014
Funniest people alive. There are three types of band geeks- 1) the annoying band geeks- the kid who thinks he knows anything and everything when in reality, he's just a dumbass who sits in the back and figures out how to beat every brain puzzle known to man, 2) the completely dedicated band geek- the two or three kids that show up to fundraisers and all marching shows early, either because they have to, they want to, or they're overly-obsessed with the band and want to be drum major their senior year. The third type of band geek is the normal musical kid. These kids are the bomb-shnizzle-tits. They are completely normal outside ban most of the time, but they understand all the band jokes. You always want to be around these kids because they're so chill, and they make everyday better. They show up to all band functions and help along, and then they go home and do what normal people do. They don't make weird band references every five minutes and they know when a band reference is/isn't appropriate. They're the best people to hang out with.

*Band wanna-bes- the kids that brag about band when they're in it, and complain about the director if they get kicked out. They do dirty things in the back of the bus and make dirty band references all the time and don't understand music. Whores in band uniforms, basically. Do not consider them band geeks. They're a shame on all band geeks.
Type 1
"Hey did you hear about Jason in band?"
"Yeah, he figured out how to solve a Rubik's cube. For the millionth time."
Type 2
"What happened at the-"
"The car wash? I helped set up, then i washed like, fourteen cars, then you all left and I helped clean up."
"Okay, I meant, how-"
"Much money did we earn? Well, afterwards we were..."
"damn band geeks."
Type 3
"How's band?"
"Eh, can't complain. I was wondering, after the game, do you want to go hang out at McDonald's? I kind of want to show you this video of a monkey, and they got free wifi over there..."
Band Wanna-bes
"Hey guys, this one time at band camp, I was fucking-"
"NO." (Covers his/her mouth)
by bomb-shnizzle-tits June 10, 2013
A high school student who is involved with the school band (usually marching band). These students are often think that band is the best thing in the world and are usually very snotty and condescending to outsiders who think otherwise. They often skip classes in order to be in the band room like chorus geeks. These students are often condemned to having EXTREME social awkwardness and making EXCESSIVE lame inside jokes that aren't even remotely funny, it's almost like they're autistic. Usually there is an alpha nerd who is basically the center of attention. The alpha is either the biggest douchebag in the entire world but on rare occasions, they're actually cool and funny. Male band geeks often hug and grope female band geeks, the girls don't mind because they probably think that they're gay. Band geeks absolutely despise guitarists, they reject anybody with a rock 'n' roll approach to music, but they fucking worship the jazz band guitarist. The jazz guitarist is usually THE biggest douche of them all because he thinks that he's better than all other guitarists in the school. Being in a music theory class with these jack-offs is fucking torture because if you're the one person in that entire class that isn't in band, you're the odd man out, stuck in a fucking classroom for an hour listening to their shitty jokes, them going "AW!" when you ask a question that all of them know the answer to, and their shitty conversations!
Band Geek: How come you don't join band?

Me: Because I like the freedom to improvise, write my own songs, practice whenever I want, and not become a fucking band geek!
by DrFingerGood July 20, 2011
a band geek is some one who is always surrounded by a nerd herd in band
Nick-wow i just love band
Normal person- your such a band geek
by iloveband08847 March 28, 2011
1. the bandhall is their 2nd home
2.the good ones arnt geeks, but very talented smart, sometimes popular
3. glare if choir, theatre, or non-band people are in their hall
4. theres are at least 2 freshman whores
5.tend to get horny on busses and trips
6.about 50% get high 2 or more times a day
7.can change their clothes in front of others without a care
8.misses lots of school
9. principal is thier bitch
10. used to passing out, blacking out, spending 8 hrs in the hot summer w/o food or water
The fact that all band kids are geeks is definitly a sterotype, as i am not.
This one time at band camp
by I dunno what is my name? November 22, 2004
1-is bisectional
2-is usualy in the marching band
3-goes to football games mainy to play in the pep-band
4-changes on buses in frount of the whold band with no problem
5-most of the girls are bisexual
6-there home page is there band website
7-LIVE in teh band room
8-try to skip all classes for band
9-think you drum majior or director is GOD
Dood did u see them bisexual band geeks yesterday!!!
by bandgeeklmafo November 21, 2006
a cruel, vicious & malicous term that A idiotic morons uses for ANY member of a high school,college OR university marching band.
Hey get a load of those Band Geeks over there selling there band candy!!
by bigg3469 March 21, 2009

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