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The most addicting game ever. Similar to Scrabble without the points, board, and boringness.
Four hours passed while we were playing bananagrams.
#scrabble #addicting #tiles #fun #awesome
by Banana-addict February 01, 2009
A game based upon spelling often played by girls. The game is based upon outbursts of banana based words making each round especially fruity. Tiles are involved.
The sorority sisters settled down after a long night of pillow fights and giggling to play a rousing game of bananagrams involving further giggling whenever a silly word was used.
#banana #gram #spelling #banagram #nanagram
by Yeah Itsme February 02, 2010
the delivery process for bananas.
yo, i totally gave that chick a bananagram last night.
#banana #gram #banana gram #bananagrams #bananagramma
by wilkinson08 April 04, 2008
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