a sexual position involving two men and one woman. The men, standing up, position themselves at opposite ends of the woman. The woman lays either on her back or stomach meanwhile the men shove their erect penises, one in the mouth one in the anus or vagina. The men's erections prop the woman in mid-air. Thus making, a banana hammock.

Other versions can involve three women and two strap-ons or three men or three she-males.
Tool A: Bro, wanna run a train on your mom tonight?

Tool B: Nah dude, let's just put her in a banana hammock, she looks rather tired.
#banana hammock #anus #vagina #mouth fucking #mom
by poorfellow June 07, 2009
A small thong like bathing suit worn by a man to intentionally show off his junk. Generally it is acceptable in foreign countries, but in the USA some a-holes will don the banana hammock.
We went on a class trip to the Caribbean and Mr. Coachman wore a banana hammock to the beach. It was see through and you could see his BBC. GROSS!
#banana hammock #bbc #thong #a-holes #gross
by Mr. Neeb August 11, 2014
A man's speedo swimsuit.
Look at all of the banana hammocks in Fort Lauderdale.

Look at all of the banana hammocks on the French Riviera.
by Not-gonna-tellya May 04, 2005
A type of underwear worn by high school football players trying to get a competitive edge on their competition by wearing less fabric, therefore creating less friction.
Bro, sweet game last night!

Ya dude, it was all thanks to our banana hammocks!
#velocycraptor #boston pancake #speedo #cleveland steamer #alaskan pipeline
by Douglass Banana Team September 11, 2009
a guy's support system of friends; his right hand fellows, and the ones to always lift him up when he is down.
thanks for helping me throught this breakup, man your a real banana-hammock.
#right hand man #best bud #a guy's support system #best friend #a kindhearted fellow
by periwinkle1996 September 23, 2010
A Speedo, of course.
I have to lose the winter tire, so my banana hammock still fits.
by speedolover March 03, 2004
Men's bikini underwear
"I think I'll wear a banana hammock instead of boxers today."
by Keith November 29, 2003
a phrase used to break uncomfortable silences or used to break up a hostile argument. ( as seen on scrubs where cox and his ex wife are arguing and j.d interjects with "BANANA HAMMOCK")
1st person - "your a s*%t"
2nd person - "your a F&%^n biatch"
Interjectable period
3rd wheel - "BANANA HAMMOCK!"
#awkward #i like cheese #bannana hammock #soooooo #yep
by CD and IAIN April 23, 2006
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