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smacking someone with your penis, generally because they were being rude or disrespectful towards you
Sir Allan II: wats cooking ugly faggot ass bitch lookin
Loki: stfu b4 i banana slam you
by fruitermelon February 09, 2008
The art of throwing bananas at people in order to steal their food and/or money. Usually a last case scenario when trying sell bananas and/or exchange a banana for other food product. If you have had a banana thrown at you while your food was being taken, then you were banana slammed. A technique most often used when trying to trade a banana for a burrito.
Banana Slammer: "How much for a beef burrito?"
Vendor: "$4.00"
Banana Slammer: "All I have is this banana, wanna trade?"
Vendor: "No, sorry, cash only"
Banana Slammer: "Are you kidding me? This is a perfectly good banana!"
Vendor: "Four dollars please"
Banana Slammer: (Throws banana at vendor's head and jacks his box of burritos) "Take that, dildo mouth"
Vendor: "ouch, I was just banana slammed!"
by JCquack May 03, 2008
gettin slapped in the face w/ a penis, usually in porn
director:"now i want u to bananaslam her"
by jamboniman April 10, 2006
A very violent handjob; a hardcore handy.
1. Dude: Oh man, that girl slams bananas. Don't try and pick her up.

2. Girl: I gave him a banana slam; best way to get rid of a guy.
by MarkCohen April 21, 2010