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When the owner, moderator, or administrator of a place must ban someone. Instead of saying ban they formed the bananana hammer from raging on their keyboards.

Imagine someone was griefing on a minecraft server, then the moderators would "banana hammer him". If griefing was against the rules in so said server.
Joh:SuperCoolked99, You were griefing!
Gunney: Banana him!
LowLife: No! let me banana him!
Domz: Banana him!!! LOLOL
SuperCoolked99: No please! Not the banana hammer! I won't do it again!
-Joh has banana hammer'd SuperCoolKed99-
by Johs Minecraft June 06, 2011
When a dude carries around a hammer in his pocket to give the impression that he has a perpetual erection.
When Jason pulled out his banana hammer, all Zee could say was "Wowwwww".
by Mike Payne March 05, 2008
A slang term used for a man's penis.
I gave her the old banana hammer last night.
by Nachtein January 24, 2012
(verb.) When One Jumps off an elevated area thus landing his or her genetalia on the victims head in a Hammering Motion.

-A Vertical Cock Slap.
Dude i Just Banana Hammerd Cody and he started to cry.
by Aaron PHS '13 January 05, 2010
Someone who is very sick, and very fatigued because of it.

Comes from seeing a banana frozen in liquid nitrogen, and then used to hammer a nail into a board. "I feel like that!"
Peter felt like a banana hammer, and had to leave work early.
by NotBlankName March 31, 2010
When someone is banned on a forum by the "hand of god" aka a mod or an admin.
We need to BANANA HAMMER that spammer.
by David W. July 05, 2007
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