a car designed like a banana, preferable transportation of the banana man
did you see that banana car down the street!?
by xgunsxxgoxxbang October 10, 2005
Top Definition
when you see a yellow car you have to shout 'BANANA CAR!' and hit the person next to you in the arm. If you don't want to be hit you have to shout 'BANANA CAR NO RETURN!' and the hit them. It is a fun game :)
(Alans yellow car drives past)
Ernest to Arnold - 'BANANA CAR NO RETURN!' And hits Arnold
Arnold 'Dangflabit!'
by hannahHORROR August 07, 2008
when someone has a small tent in their pants, and is a sama
I have a Banana Car! I will hide it with my asian hat!
by jfkjfjjbjkgrlsd December 23, 2011
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