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Guyanese terminology for "guy".
Wat'z happenin BANAAAAA?
by SkyFlame09 April 15, 2009
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buttocks, or butt...
That gurl geh a big bana....
by joe_grind May 13, 2004
Originally Bwana, Bana is Swahili word meaning "sir", although it is also used in an informal settings, as a term of endearment among friends, similar to "man" or "guy"

Originally popular with East African Indians, the term has now been adopted by many South Asians and West Indians alike. It has also dropped the w sound as it was very light and often unheard by non-Swahili speakers.
Hey Bana, whats up?

Kem cho bana?

Bana! Chai moja. Asante sana.
by ShaTR October 05, 2010
Someone who is loyal to carson is in love with him and team C. Enjoys flying planes and sophies. Loves being controlled by his girlfriend. Frequently has cheeks that are rosier than a baboons ass, but also freakishly cute
OMG is that banas with carson
Yea theyve been together since 2
by SeanGasm January 18, 2009
Two thirds of a banana.
It pays not to overanalyse these things.
by yoicks July 21, 2005
Something that's really dumb. Originated when a girl was trying to sing "Hollaback Girl" by Gwen Stefani, and she spelled "Bananas" as "B.A.N.A.S.". The opposite of banas is sanab, which means cool.
This shit is banas.
by shubadub June 19, 2011
Ta-Da, tada
Usually the final proclamation when something is finished. An announcement, that you are done, here, finished something, bragging. ect.

(My aunt heard this when she was younger, the man saying it, swore it was not Ta-Da but Ba-Na. So thought I would share ;P)
"Ba-naaa!, I have arrived."
"I have finished this paper, Ba-Na!"
by xHushx January 14, 2009

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