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bambino means "a male child" in italian.
bambina means "a female child"
un bambino brutto e cattivo
by solerno May 31, 2004
The fans of a British singing/rapping duo, Bars and Melody (B.A.M), which debuted from the eighth series of Britain's Got Talent in 2014.
Bars and Melody's works give us bambinos a lot of inspiration.
by Jelly SY August 14, 2014
A savage attack that is administered by beating a victim on their back using both fists. The side of the fist used should be the side opposite the thumbs, as opposed to the classic 'punch' position. Causes extreme pain in and usually winds the victim. Formerly known as the 'Chimp Punches.
I just did the Bambinos on Gus. He pretended it broke his back.
by Jamie Freeman2 March 04, 2008
The act of giving a hand job while the recipient is using the restroom, usually taking a dump.
Susan surprised me with a bambino yesterday, and she only charged me $5.
by englishhotpocketmaster October 23, 2010
Bambino adj.

To take something waaaaaaaaaayyyyy toooooo farr.

e.g a joke
wouldnt it be funny if the teacher popped out that window with a sniper, shot his head off.. then ran out and knifed him ..

Oh mann you just bambinoed!

by BigAdi..Yeahhhh March 15, 2009
(N.) Some italian word. I think it means "Baby" or some crap.
Hey! Thats'a cute-a Bambino!
by G-Union May 19, 2003
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