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An anal sex position in which the recieving partner defecates on the shaft of the delivering partner. The waste is then used as a form of lubricant untill a climax is reached.
Sarah: John and I performed an English Hot Pocket last night and it smelled like a rotting carcass when we were done.
by englishhotpocketmaster October 16, 2010
The loose change that falls from ones pockets while in a reclined position. Poor people usually only take a single silver shit or one consisting mainly of pennies. This is refered to as a "copper shit" or a "poor man's shit."
I found $9 in silver shits in my couch.
by englishhotpocketmaster July 05, 2011
When the One-Handed Sack Basket is insufficient at covering the testicle and penis combo "this problem is most commonly experienced by black men". It may be necessary to use both hands. This is know as a Two-Handed Sack Basket.
Shaniqua "Daaamn you seen Tyron's dick!"

Sally" No somebitch was usin a Two-Handed Sack Basket. I didn't see shit!"
by englishhotpocketmaster January 13, 2012
A more modest method of streaking. Where the streaky holds the testicles and if possible the penis with one hand. If ones testicle and penis combo are too large it may require the two-handed sack basket.
Susie-"Did you see Joe's penis when he was streaking?"

Jamie-"No the bastard pulled the one-handed sack basket."

Susie-"I noticed he has small hands you know what that means!"
by englishhotpocketmaster January 13, 2012
A sex position during which the male submerges his penis into sand, preferably in a bucket, then reinserts his sandy penis into the womans vagina.
Bob gave me a sandy screamer, and I still can't walk right!
by englishhotpocketmaster October 23, 2010
A sandy screamer that uses salt mixed into the sand.
That salty sandy screamer hurt WAY worse than a regular sandy screamer.
by englishhotpocketmaster October 23, 2010
A woman freezes her menstrual blood into a Popsicle. Someone else then uses this frozen blood to pleasure the woman, then eats it out of her vagina.
My boyfriend almost threw up after giving me an Idaho Otter Pop.
by englishhotpocketmaster October 23, 2010

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