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Being clad in a popular Bambino Brand Adult Baby AB/DL Diaper. Sometimes worn by adults under adult-sized plastic pants and loose clothing. A high-capacity adult diaper that look and feels infantile and is capable of holding anything wet or messy for up to twelve hours. The adult physical and emotionally helpless state of being "In Bambinos".
We typically go to the AB/DL Munch "Bambinoed."
by GlennDL February 10, 2010
One who requires the use of a pacifier (Binky, Nuk5, MAM,) every day of one's life and experiences severe withdrawals in situations where use is prohibited. Typically experienced in infant stage, this addiction is normally eliminated by gradual "weaning" or reduction of use, to the point of elimination. Older stages of human development, including adults, may also experience this addiction. Withdrawal symptoms can be managed by creative use in situations where use is restricted. "Self-weaning" is a matter of free-will and acceptance.
The pacifier-dependant Adult Baby Girl is helpless to remove her Nuk5 pacifier. She throws a tantrum when her Daddy removes it from her mouth. Lollipops and ring-pops are of no help.
by GlennDL April 25, 2010
One who experiences the urge, or desire to use a pacifier, or "binky", MAMj, Nuk, etc...) throughout one's day/ night. Not neccessarily an addiction, this urge may or may not be linked to pacifier-depencdancy. Sckiing on a ring-pop may help as a substitute in public venues.
"As a binkaholic adult, I am addicted to my Nuk5 pacifier. I choose only take it out when I am at work."
by GlennDL April 25, 2010

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