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1. An area in Arlington, VA with a metro stop.

2. The only response to an insult containing the term "bisexual ballsex"
1. I have to get off at the Ballston stop to meet up with my friends.

2. A: At least I don't engage in bisexual ballsex!
R: At least I don't do it in the ballston!
by Captain Pixie August 22, 2009
A neighborhood and metro stop in Arlington, VA. Very urbanized and filled with office buildings, apartments, condos and, of course, dry cleaners. More sterile than the other areas of Arlington (which is saying something). Typical resident is the Arlington Girl. Rents are extremely expensive, for reasons unknown to all.

Home of Rock Bottom Brewery. Wednesday is fire code violation night!
I'm so jealous, Sarah just got a studio in Ballston for $1300 per month!
by arlingtonlifer September 12, 2007
Adv: considerably, very, especially
This wonton soup is balls-ton delicious.
by ekooooo October 07, 2005

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