A problem with a degree of difficulty greater than that of the average "head scratcher."
Should I wipe my ass now, or wait until I'm done? What a ball scratcher that is.
by The Stinker July 14, 2006
Top Definition
a workman who doesn't do much apart from scratch his balls
"he just stared at the job scratching his balls for an hour"
by sue October 19, 2003
one who itches his little testicles in public.
David Garcia scratches his balls while talking to us.
by B-M-B April 26, 2003
another slang for prescription pain killers oxycontin, when taken, itching of the balls occur while feeling high.
hey Ryan! can you hook it up with some ballscratchers?!?!
by chongki October 02, 2006
A golf player scratching the golfball for cleaner balls... And more precise shots..
"Either he is cheating, or he's one helluva ballscratcher!!!"
by Halvor Blindheim July 12, 2004
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