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A Northern Irish - particularly Belfast - general insult for someone.
Aye shut yer trap ye fuckin ballroot
by Ballroot2 June 05, 2009
a fucking complete ijit.
He's a fucking ballroot.
Here ballroot, go smoke a turd in hell.
by Anonymous October 01, 2003
1.An unpleasant insult.

2. Sudden exclamation.
1.Oh my god, your such a ballroot!
2. Oh...BALLROOTS!!! (If somethings gone wrong or sometihng)
by Psychochild! July 06, 2009
A thief who is also of homosexual orientation. Commonly used by northern irish people, especially groundskeepers.
That ballroot just lightfingered me!
If i ever catch that ballroot i'll pummel 'im!
by Thor! September 06, 2005
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