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The act of burping into a girl's vag while proforming oral sex. Her uterous then expands to an enormous size causing her great pain. This often happens when the male has eaten KFC causing him to increase his burping frequency.
"Fuck, my boyfriend gave me a hard core ballooning and it hurt like no other."

What were you doing the other day, Curtis? "Oh I was just ballooning some whore."
by Curtis and Matt December 10, 2010
14 14
To get high, as in smoking weed, to the point where you feel like you're flying in a hot air balloon.
Man, we went ballooning last night... I couldn't even say my own name I was so far up in the clouds.
by jimbo-jenkins May 27, 2010
1 6
when a man places his foreskin on to his partners anus, then his partner proceeds to pass gass in to the foreskin, causing his foreskin to balloon up, hense the name "ballooning"
i wonder if she is into Ballooning
by bansky April 15, 2008
6 15
The act of inflating a balloon in ones rectum and his or her partner sucking the helium out.
Me and Ryan and Zane were ballooning last night.
by Anthony Dirty Sanchez February 22, 2010
0 11
Being high and very enjoyable to be around.
Shit, Heathers amazing. But when shes ballooning, i just want to do it with her.
by hspence February 18, 2007
4 15
One of the most fun things to do in the entire world. An act that consists of a large shopping bag full of water balloons, skilled throwers, and a patient driver. The people drive around looking for innocent pedestrians, and they launch water balloons at them. This is very fun (especially if you know your victim), but extremely hard to get good at.
Variations of this activity include a game, where you score points!

1 point for a snipe. (a hit anywhere that gets them)
2 points for a direct hit. (an awesome shot that nails them.
5 points for a head shot. (rare but rewarding)
Dude #1: "Yo guys, let's go ballooning, I think my brother and his friends are walking home from school."

Dude #2: "Hell yeah, I'll snipe them, so bad they will look like they jsut got out of a wimming pool."
by Dan May 21, 2005
15 28