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5 definitions by UrbanBiochemist

To continue; to go ahead and carry out a task, particularly with enthusiasm

Origin: Portadown and maybe other parts of Co Armagh.
PhD student: Shall I repeat the experiment with a higher enzyme concentration?
Supervisor: Yip. Bail on.
PhD student: Okies. Dead on.
by UrbanBiochemist October 31, 2011
Got extremely annoyed or angry
He was acting like a total balloon and forgot to order red lid tubes; so I totally lost the bap with him.
by UrbanBiochemist October 31, 2011
A sterile, plastic tube with a red lid similar in nature to those marketed by Falcon but from a (much) cheaper manufacturer.
PhD student 1: We're out of red lid tubes.
PhD student 2: Oh you balloon! You didn't order any.

Technician: Shall I order some red lid tubes?
PhD student: Yes. Bail on.
by UrbanBiochemist October 31, 2011
Foolishness; The nature of being a balloon
I had a total balloonishness moment and left my cashcard in Centra for a week and never noticed.
by UrbanBiochemist October 31, 2011
A fool; a person who has just made a pretty obvious mistake
PhD student 1: I forgot to correct for path length in these absorbance measurements.
PhD Student 2: You total balloon

PhD student: I left my cash card in Centra last week and only found out today
Supervisor: <Says nothing and draws a picture of a balloon on a piece of paper>
by UrbanBiochemist October 31, 2011