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To continue; to go ahead and carry out a task, particularly with enthusiasm

Origin: Portadown and maybe other parts of Co Armagh.
PhD student: Shall I repeat the experiment with a higher enzyme concentration?
Supervisor: Yip. Bail on.
PhD student: Okies. Dead on.
by UrbanBiochemist October 31, 2011
Got extremely annoyed or angry
He was acting like a total balloon and forgot to order red lid tubes; so I totally lost the bap with him.
by UrbanBiochemist October 31, 2011
A fool; a person who has just made a pretty obvious mistake
PhD student 1: I forgot to correct for path length in these absorbance measurements.
PhD Student 2: You total balloon

PhD student: I left my cash card in Centra last week and only found out today
Supervisor: <Says nothing and draws a picture of a balloon on a piece of paper>
by UrbanBiochemist October 31, 2011
A sterile, plastic tube with a red lid similar in nature to those marketed by Falcon but from a (much) cheaper manufacturer.
PhD student 1: We're out of red lid tubes.
PhD student 2: Oh you balloon! You didn't order any.

Technician: Shall I order some red lid tubes?
PhD student: Yes. Bail on.
by UrbanBiochemist October 31, 2011
Foolishness; The nature of being a balloon
I had a total balloonishness moment and left my cashcard in Centra for a week and never noticed.
by UrbanBiochemist October 31, 2011
Nondescript white meat found in the freezer which could be either chicken or turkey. It may or may not be possible to tell on thawing.
What's for dinner tonight? There's some churkey in the freezer. Great, let's have churkey tikka masala.
by UrbanBiochemist July 26, 2015
A person who consumes too much alcohol, often with food. An anagram of "fat alco".
Last night I drank 15 pints and then went to KFC. You loafcat.
Any more of these cocktails and I'll be a total loafcat.
by UrbanBiochemist July 26, 2015
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