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Somone who is unable to make logical decisions because they dont posses a brain in their head, just simply fresh air.
Why have you sold your car for half its value you balloon head?
by nutman17 May 09, 2007
head shaped like a balloon filled with nothin but useless air, always expandin and growin. no-one is able to stop its growth
Richard's balloonhead eventually saved his life as he fell down Mt. Everest and his balloonhead expanded and allowed him to fly.
by Anonymous March 01, 2003
1. An extremely unintelligent person with a large ego or bravado.

2. A male airhead whose ego inflates and deflates like a hot air balloon in his interactions with his peers.

3. A person whose convictions are easily swayed or comprimised.

4. An Irish Painter who thinks he's American
While Dave appears to be normal upon first meeting him, he is actually a Balloon Head.
by B-Dogg November 24, 2004
A prison term for someone that is beaten severely to the point that their head is swollen.

See also: pumpkin head
Hey, that snitch was turned into a balloon head.
by smartypants October 06, 2004
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