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a girl who likes it from the back while standing on her tippy toes
"she took that dick like a ballerina"
by G0NER September 13, 2009
A person who, through hard work and countless hours, is able to dance ballet as a professional.
Julie: I am training to be a ballerina.
Cindy: How?
Julie: By dancing 6 hours a week and countless hours of practice at home
by Rebecca teh 1337 mastah January 11, 2006
1. a. A dancer of the utmost grace and eloquence. Albert Einstein calls ballet dancers "athletes of god". They obtain their skill through passion, dedication, and long hours of gruelling practice; or because their mothers are living vicariously through them.
b. A complete fucking prissy ass bitch.
c. Sworn enemy of the honest girl.
I'm going to wax the floor of the downtown dance studio tonight so I can kill all those damned ballerinas.
by foxy_holiday October 06, 2006
Dancer, preferably a dancer who either loves it or hates it. Dedicated types have ugly feet.
Ballerinas are usually pretty hot..haha...
by Da Chipmunk December 31, 2003
A girl or woman who does ballet as either a recreational activity or proffesional career.
Gabrielle is a ballerina, she trains over 19 hours a week because she wants to be a proffesional dancer.
by Danceyourlifeaway November 04, 2007
Pronounced Bawl.er.eena

1. A twist on the word baller. Used to describe someone who is not nessasarly good at basketball, but suggesting maybe they could be better at Ballet.

2. A nickname for someone who you'd like to think could be a baller but isnt quite there yet.

3. The female version of baller
Hey, did you see that guy last night at the bball game? He's a total Baller!
No way man, I think he's more of a Baller-ina!

Stacy: Hey Baller-ina!
Michelle: Hows it going girl?
by foxx22xx January 22, 2009
n - a ghetto dancer
n - one who booty dances in a tasteful manor
n- a ballerina with a big juicy ass
Damn! that skank can dance like a baller-ina
by Jemal Weis January 07, 2008
(Poker term): Pair of deuces for hole cards, i.e. two 2's - tutus.
Ballerinas are best balled up on the floor.
by Bill Gronos June 24, 2006