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(Poker term): Pair of deuces for hole cards, i.e. two 2's - tutus.
Ballerinas are best balled up on the floor.
by Bill Gronos June 24, 2006
The unfortunate act of accidentally slipping your finger through the toilet paper whilst wiping one's ass, turning the finger into a ballerina, and the paper into a rusty tutu.
Dude, I just ballerina'd in the toilet...
by THE GLC CREW June 05, 2011
When a female inserts both of her large toes into a male's anus.

Derived from the feminine squeal made by the man once his anus is penetrated; also named by the use of the two toes during this procedure that are commonly used by ballerinas.
Guy 1: "Dude what's wrong with you"
Guy 2: "Oh, my girlfriend ballerina'd me hard last night."

Girl 1: "Well how do you dominate him?"
Girl 2: "I give him the old ballerina, shuts him right up. ;)"
by ogle21 August 11, 2011
The female equivalent of a baller. Usually used to describe awesome people, people who just get stuff done, or people who just totally pwned someone or something.
Man, that meeting was awesome! Lucy totally demolished that guy. She's such a ballerina.
by El Meister Troizimios March 19, 2009
a girl who likes it from the back while standing on her tippy toes
"she took that dick like a ballerina"
by G0NER September 13, 2009
one who dances that either loves food or hates it
after two hours of dancing:
"No, I'm fine, I need to stay skinny"
What you call someone who's a klutz or clumsy. Someone who trips or falls a lot. Sarcastically speaking, of course.
Nice job falling down the stairs, you ballerina, you.
by Mme. Shauna April 07, 2004