When a man inserts his balls into a glass of hot (not boiling) water. And a girl then inserts a straw into the glass to blow bubbles. It is like a mini jacuzzi just for your balls.
So last night I got a Ballcuzzi from my girlfriend.
by xchox May 13, 2009
This is where a girl places a man's balls into a cup of warm water. She then inserts a straw into the cup and vigorously blows into the straw, creating a jacuzzi-like sensation on the balls.
"Kerr, Would you please give me a ballcuzzi?" - Will Spear
by Colby Wick June 03, 2007
Place your balls in a bowl of champagne (prefereably warm) and the female blows bubbles under one's balls with a straw.
Jaime gave me the best ballcuzzi I've ever had for my birthday
by Ballcuzzi56 February 03, 2007
To dip a man's balls in a bowl of warm water and have a partner blow bubbles into it with a straw.
After a hard day's work Brandon likes to get a ballcuzzi from his wife.
by BrandonTa June 09, 2006
definition #2. When a male inserts his testicles into hopefully a females mouth and she swishes them around, preferrebly with a bubbly sound.
She sucked at giving head so i told her to just give me a ballcuzzi instead.
by conman08 June 29, 2006
When a female fills her mouth with Sprite and has a man place his pubic satchel into her mouth, after which she gurgles.
My nuts are really sticky after that ballcuzzi this morning.
by RangerDanger April 22, 2008
The act of diping your balls into a warm cup of water while your partner takes a straw to blow bubblesinto the cup making, it a ballcuzzi.
Babe my nuts are feeling a little tense, how about a ballcuzzi
by matt and devin December 07, 2006

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