When a girl puts alkasalser in her mouth with water, and a dude puts his nads in her mouth.
This ball cuzzis feels good.
by tourettes1992 August 23, 2006
A man takes a can of sprite (sprite is used because it is the fizziest of soda's) and sticks it into the butthole of a woman. Once the woman's butthole is loose and doesn't close up after removal of the can, open the sprite, and pour it into the woman's butthole. Then, while the sprite fizzes, dip your balls into the fizzy sprite butthole, and complete the ballcuzzi
Man I ballcuzzied the shit out of that whore last night
by ultimatepoon March 02, 2010
The act of submerging testicles into a lukewarm cup of water, and blowing bubbles into the cup with a straw
Don't use that cup, Lauren ballcuzzied Sabastian with it last night!
by O'Malley 104 October 11, 2009
After having your girl fill her mouth about half way with ginger ale, you tilt her head back and put your balls in her mouth, as she gargles the ginger ale, providing your balls with a nice, cold, carbonated tingling sensation.

All other definitions listed are inaccurate.
Jake asked Amber for a ballcuzzi, but she denied. Apparently she isn't a fan of fellatio.
by Master of the Cuzzi August 02, 2009
When a male puts his ball sack in a teapot full of warm water then his girlfriend blows down the spout its a personal jacuzzi for you balls
Jim put his nuts in a teapot full of warm tea whilst jenny blew down the spout aahhh ballcuzzi
by therealblund January 09, 2014
when some dude drops his sack (small enough to fit in a cup) in a cup of warm liquid (orange fanta is the best) while some chick is blowing air through a straw... its better when at the same time she gives your penis a good pull
Megan's breath smelled like Orange Fanta after she gave Oliver a ballcuzzi.
by Samyouel23 July 05, 2006
When one puts a ballsack in a cup of warm water and has someone blow bubbles through a straw into the cup creating a Jacuzzi for the ballsack. hence ballcuzzi.
"she gave like 5 dudes a ballcuzzi"
"what a champ bro"
by DATFATBOOTY November 07, 2011

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