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A turd so long that when it breaks off, it falls foward and slaps you in the balls.
This burrito is going to turn into a ball slapper.
by wg February 05, 2003
28 12

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When you're having sex doggy style with a girl and your balls slap up against her lower belly.
"It was a ball slapper of a good time!"
by luckylewk July 30, 2004
57 15
sexual position with the womans legs over the blokes shoulders and beig pushed back so theres maximum ball slappage on her arse
Wow she's she loves a good ball slapper does that one
by Rockafellatio August 28, 2007
21 9
landing heavily on your balls while kitesurfing / surfing
I had a nasty ball slapper while landed that crazy trick
by chemic November 23, 2010
9 2
A description for someone who is extremly annoying.
"You know what, your a real Ball Slapper."
by All that rock March 31, 2009
3 5
when your balls slapp against your girls theighs when your have sex
i hope i don't have a ball slapper with you
by jack March 08, 2003
9 11
whenever someone drunk slaps you in the ball sack with a belt.
pat was a ball slapper and a kinfe wielder.
by Dick-loving-queer-ass-fuckface October 04, 2003
4 14